Monday, December 7, 2009

I am back and focused

new looks, sorry it has been a while....
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AUGUST 31st B-DAY!!!!!

So my birthday was yesterday(August 31st) , and I went out with a good girlfriend of mine. She is the best, we were living it up in NYC’s Houston for dinner. I will have my big celebration this Saturday. I plan on wearing a red vint 80’s dress with black lace tights. Yayyy
I feel like my brothers banged up car behind me in this pic compliments my ruff girly swag in this outfit. I don’t conform to seasonal rules of fashion, I just follow my personal style; boots in the summer are a reflection of just that…… ;0)

My youtube "Cheap Chicks" contest entry

So on youtube there is this contest going on. You basically have to add something to your waredrob and DIY somthing creative to enhance the look. So I have always wanted to DIY a shredded Tee. So I figured this was a great opp for me. I added a belt for “Cake” (aka for flavor). I hope I win first place. What do you think about my work?Link for my entry:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 1 year NapAniversery yall.....

So I was going natural for over a year in 2007. One day I told myself that I wanted to wear my hair in a ntural state with out pressing it. Did a style BIG CHOP on Aug 2008/22 and today means my aniversery. I am sooo excited about the growth, but I have cut it 3 time since the big chop to shape it up. Can't wait to see how it looks next year......
I talk about hairon this blog because I feel that your hair is a part of your style. It is an extension of your swag. My hair fits my attitude and personal style. ;0)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad hair day

So I was having some hair issues today, but all it not lost. I just wear it with my swag as I always do.

Lucky Brand jeans, a strapless pockadot top from DOTS, shoes from (gelly black sandles) old navy, Vintage brown belt from Goodwill

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My natural hair!!! I'm lovin it

I am soooo into my hair these days... I will be putting my hair in braids to give a rest over the weekend.....