Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mission one......

"Mission One I'ma
put this on when he sees me in this dress I'ma get me some HEY!" LOL
This was my hair, makeup and dress for my birthday last year.....
A simple nude look with flashmode lip gloss from M.A.C and HoneyLust eye shadow thats as far as the makeup goes. The hair soft loose pin curls. Chandelier earrings $1
On my arm was a snake bracelet to match my earrings, cost $5 on the streets on NYC
Brown cocktail Nicole Miller Dress
on sale @ Bloomingdales for $200. As you can see I cut out the shoes because they were horrible! I got them from a cheap store last minute.
My Funny B-day Story:
We ended up going to another club because the we wanted to go to was racist... (They told us that we had to by 4 bottles which in NYC is over $300 a pop and I was with 3 people......) THEN, they let in some people that were Asian and told them nothing about buying any bottles. So we said "to the left to the left with that statement!
So we went in this other club around the way..... At the door there was this big green lolly Cock next to the door man. Me and my two girls said to him "hey what is that all about" and he licked it then smiled. We laughed and went in then we realized that it was a gay night.... Everyone paid $15 already so we just partied with the gay guys and had fun.. And my straight male friend was getting hit on all night. More happened that night but I just wanted to keep this short. LOL
Cost of the night: Priceless

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