Tuesday, January 27, 2009

yOuNg SaD aNd BLuE...

hATe tO SoUNd SaD aNd BLuE..... because I am actually elated that I have no drama in my life. But sometime I feel like I should be making more money by now, and I should have a good guy to share it with. But I am still in school and working on that career to get more money, and the guys I meet just don't do it for me. I guess I have just been a lone too long that I am content with having no one around. Just thought I would tell you guys a little about myself. As for the fashion side of Alison, I have been get some new and used things to keep up with my creative style mind. I will post some pictures soon. I just don't go out that much but I am feeling like I should just look FAB everyday and not just when me and the girls go out. So I will be tapping into looking sharp every day I get up in the morning. I hate wearing my good clothes to school because I have a lot of dance classes and I just end up taking it all off and going home after. But I am going to try to work with that hate of mine. Well until next time fashion guru's......... muah tehe

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